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“Asking for donations online was exceptionally easy. Our organization received donations from many out of the area friends and family…” -Nonprofit participant

By participating in North State Giving Tuesday, all nonprofits will be competing for incentives based on the donations they receive. These incentives are generously provided by the Knodel Family Endowment Fund of Shasta Regional Community Foundation.

Incentive Pool:

The percentage of funds raised by an organization will be calculated against the total donations received for the day. This same percentage will then be applied to the amount available in the incentive pool and the organization will be awarded the additional amount to boost their overall contributions. For instance, if an organization has raised 1% of total dollars raised during the day, they will receive 1% of the incentive.  So, if XYZ Organization raises $5,000 of a total $500,000 raised throughout the day and the incentive pool is $80,000, XYZ Organization will be awarded an additional $800.

Hourly Random Prizes:

Prizes are an exciting and fun way organizations can win money on November 29th! There are 12 prizes per county for all participating organizations.  Each hour of the 12 hours, the sponsor of the hourly prize opportunity will randomly draw a Shasta County organization and a Siskiyou County organization. Each prize secures that nonprofit an additional $500!

Hourly sponsors generously supporting this effort include: